NDP Onda expands the leisure offer for seniors throughout the summer with 'Nits de Ball' (Nights of Dance)

The Active Aging Department schedules four music and dance performances in Plaza España

General 25 de julio de 2023 Redacció Redacció

After listening to the demands of the senior community in Onda, the City Council and the association Riu Sec - Onda Baila have expanded the summer leisure offer and scheduled four new live music and dance performances in Plaza España, as part of the 'Nits de ball' (Nights of Dance) series.

This free activity, which promotes active aging, will kick off on Saturday, July 29, and continue on August 5, 19, and 25, always from 7 to 10 pm.

The councilor for Active Aging, Maribel Raigada, along with councilor Vicent Bou, presented the initiative alongside the representatives of Onda Baila, Jesús González, and Areceli Sánchez, to the media.

"These activities reinforce the minds and bodies of our seniors, to whom we owe everything. We have listened to their demands and expanded the program as they have requested," highlighted Raigada.

Leisure for Everyone

It is worth noting that the Onda City Council offers leisure activities for all audiences during this summer, such as the 'DiverEstiu' initiative promoted by Casal Jove with workshops and games for the younger ones, orchestras and concerts featuring stars like Pablo López, theatrical visits to the historic center, major events like the Medieval Fair, or gastronomic proposals from HosturiOnda, such as 'OndaArrós'.

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